Tax Law

direito tributário

Zilveti Advogados is a law firm with a high level of expertise in major national and international economic sectors, with a skilled and targeted team in the most important business areas to identify opportunities and react to any risks. Some of the featured services provided by the Tax Law team are:

Consulting on tax matters in general;

Advice in structuring or restructuring of corporate business and activities in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other forms of business association in sale transactions for assets, businesses and/or business lines, in corporate reorganizations;

Advice to Brazilian or foreign individuals regarding the Income Tax as well as complete assistance in the preparation and reviewing of its statements.

Monitoring and advice in the fulfillment of federal, state and local tax audits.

Practice in administrative tax litigation at the federal, state and municipal spheres relating to tax assessments, as well as in claims for restitution, reimbursement and tax compensation.

Expertise in judicial tax litigation in legal proceedings challenging tax liabilities or for tax recoveries.