varejoThe retail sector is responsible for the final link in the business chain between companies/industries and consumers.

In this way, the sector is highly sensitive to economic fluctuations of the market and everyday life of the consumers.

At this juncture, the entrepreneur must react quickly to market changes through strategic solutions that enable greater flexibility and adaptation to the environment they perform in, as well as reducing risk, increasing revenues and business protection, requiring concrete action to address crucial issues on which the Zilveti Advogados firm can exercise, such as:

Structuring of business units and corporate/tax planning;

Franchise development vs. own business;

Strategy and management, from the production chain to the sale to the final consumer;

E-commerce and partnerships with marketplaces;

National reach of e-commerce and its consequences;

Trading and protection of the business premise;

Logistics and distribution: tax planning;

Good consumer service practices;

Negotiation and revision of the evaluation metrics in lease contracts;

Structuring of corporate governance and compliance programs;