We would like to inform you that September 30, 2017, is the deadline for submission of the quarterly economic-financial declaration of the Brazilian Central Bank which is mandatory for Brazilian companies who on June 30, 2017, had assets or net equity equal to or higher than R$ 250 million (two hundred million Brazilian reais). The managers of the company are then required to submit the declaration in the electronic system of the Brazilian Central Bank through the portal “Registro Declaratório Eletrônico de Investimento Estrangeiro Direto” (RDE-IED).

In case of any assistance needed on this matter, our office will be available by contacting Fernando Zilveti (fzilveti@zilveti.com.br) or Raphael Valentim (rvalentim@zilveti.com.br) or calling + 55 11 3254 5500.