diferenciaisThe high degree of specialization of the Zilveti Advogados team puts it among the most admired law firms in the country.

Its multidisciplinary team is highly qualified and targeted in the most important business areas, providing support, consulting and legal assistance to domestic and foreign companies in the areas of Civil Law, Corporate Law/Mergers & Acquisitions, Foreign Capital, Contracts and Tax Law. Relying on the trust of its customers due to the quality of services offered and availability, its main distinguishing aspects are:

Expertise in foreign languages such as English and German, as well as intercultural skills and experience in the technicalities of the foreign customer;

Specialized team of multidisciplinary professionals;

Advanced technology and communication media usage;

Support to the most important areas of Business Law;

Alliances with firms and consulting companies with national and international operations;

Extensive experience in the preventive and litigation practice areas;

Lecturing and holding of courses on its clients’ interests;

Task Forces – Groups of advanced sectorial studies, related to the most relevant economic sectors in the national and international scenario, as a means of support and promotion of the knowledge of Business law and the customer’s business.