Civil Law: Civil Litigation and Advisory in general

direito civil

The law Firm Zilveti Advogados works proactively with customers as enablers of practical and individualized solutions.

Some of the main activities offered by the Civil Law (Civil Litigation and Advisory in general) team are:

Guidance, advice and representation in litigation and voluntary judicial proceedings as a result of civil and commercial matters, contracts, various real estate matters, moral damage claims, also encompassing the areas of family and succession law and constitutional and economic law, as well as appeals , oral submissions and legal assistance in any Court or Tribunal.

Preparation of opinions and studies aimed at preventing or defining the need for legal action in order to defend or protect the client’s rights.

Guidance and protection in situations related to the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code.

Expertise in real estate law, advice, guidance and preparation of legal instruments whose purpose real estate transactions for sale, purchase, lease, lease renewal, exchange, donation, payment in kind, provision of guarantees, real estate transfer due to divisions, incorporations, conference goods and other provisions arising from real estate transfer in corporate documents; assistance in the acquisition of rural and urban real estate by foreigners; regularization of real estate documentation.